A Man’s Guide to Wearing Hats

This is a guest post written by Style Crew member, Eric Rodriguez. When we think of hats, many of us, especially those in my age bracket, think of Cary Grant and Indiana Jones in their famous fedoras, Michael Corleone from “The Godfather” in his stylish Homburg and, most recently, Thomas Shelby from “Peaky Blinders” in his newsboy cap.  Hats were very commonplace in the late … Continue reading A Man’s Guide to Wearing Hats

Business Casual for Men: A Guide

Business casual attire is the perfect medium-ground for any formality requiring a more formal dress but not suit & tie. It’s a flexible formality that allows jeans, but it’s not casual enough to accomodate sneakers. A good go-to business casual outfit can be a pair of dark denim jeans, wingtips, dress shirt, and a wool blazer over top. A few key factors to consider when … Continue reading Business Casual for Men: A Guide

Online Dating for Men: The Ultimate Guide

Do you remember the last time you met someone in-person, struck up a great conversation, exchanged contact info, and actually went on a date? Me neither. Let’s face it — online dating has made it incredibly simple to find a date, yet dating has never been more complicated. There’s an overwhelming number of dating apps and websites, and the number of people on them is even … Continue reading Online Dating for Men: The Ultimate Guide

Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Whether you find yourself in a brand new relationship or are celebrating many years with your Valentine, it’s important to impress on Valentine’s Day.  While dinner reservations and flowers are important, it’s also important to dress to impress for the occasion. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite outfits for the big day. Creating an outfit takes time, effort, and strategy. We’re … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Fabric Guide for Shirts

This is the official Ash & Erie guide on shirt fabrics. There are many considerations to make when creating a high-quality men’s shirt including the fabric weave, thread count, ply, mill, and quality of the cotton itself. It can be overwhelming to understand the differences when evaluating shirt options! We’ve curated this guide to help you feel confident in your next shirt purchase.  Fabric Weave … Continue reading Fabric Guide for Shirts

Sweaters for Short Men

This is a guest post written by Style Crew ambassador, Ivan Martinez.  With the temperatures dropping, we start moving into the best season of the year — layering season. It’s important to layer up throughout these colder seasons, and not just because it’ll keep you warm. Layering is a great opportunity to put together some amazing outfits. You can layer shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, etc. … Continue reading Sweaters for Short Men