How long should my pants be?

How long should my pants be?

Pant length. An important topic that you’re probably undervaluing. Are your pants longer than they should be? For many men, they probably are! So how long should your pants actually be?

The break(s)

The break of your pants refers to the number of folds at the bottom where your pants meet your shoes. At most, we recommend one full break. If you prefer, you can get an inseam that gives you a half or even no break. But never, never more than one. You don’t want to look like this guy:

This look is called ‘jean stacking’ and it doesn’t look good, especially on shorter men like yourself. When your jeans stack, it can make you look shorter, which we don’t want! This brings us to the question you came to get answered…

How long should my pants be?

You’ll need to measure your inseam. To start, you’ll need a measuring tape and an extra set of hands (not necessary, but it’ll help). Stand up straight and put the start of the tape where your crotch is. Guide the tape down your leg until it hits the ground. Find the number where the tape meets your ankle, and that’s your inseam! Keep in mind that while this number is your true inseam, it may not be the inseam you should shop for. Depending on the fullness of break you want, the inseam you purchase and wear can be up to an extra inch or two longer than your true inseam measurement.

The break guide

Generally speaking, one break is the go-to standard. Jean stacking doesn’t look good on both taller and shorter men, so it’s best to avoid multiple breaks in your pants. However, this standard is flexible based on a few things. First, depending on what type of pants you’re wearing, you may want less of a break. For example, many men prefer wearing chino pants shorter than their jeans. Style is flexible, and you’ll learn what you prefer as you move along. Second, this also depends on the leg opening of your pants. The general rule is the slimmer your tapering, the shorter your pants can be. So, for slim fit jeans, you’ll want a quarter to half break, but you should have a full break with a wider leg.