Kian Concepcion

01. What do you do for work?

I work front office at La Puente High School by day and also work at an Amazon delivery station by night. Having two jobs means I get to influence more colleagues to dress better. I’m proud to say that some students at the high I school work at also draw inspiration from my content.

02. Who is your biggest style inspiration?

Alex Costa! The guy is literally a style god.

03. How do you relax?

I read books and watch my YouTube subscriptions.

04. What’s your #1 piece of fashion advice? 

Experimentation is key to unlock your personal style! Be sure to try items one at a time only. When a guy tries lots of things all at the same time, he may feel overwhelmed and that could stop him from further experimentation.

05. What’s an underrated wardrobe piece that you love to wear?

Any piece that is burgundy! Most guys can pull off this color.

06. What wardrobe piece in your collection was worth the splurge?

My brown leather jacket that I bought in late 2016. It’s made out of lambskin leather. I’ve had hundreds of wears with that jacket and it’s a compliment-getter!

07. What’s your favorite color to style? 

Blue. Blue is such a classic, versatile color and is pleasing to the eyes. Depending on the shade, blue can make you appear professional (navy), edgy (midnight blue), or fun to be with (sky or turquoise blue).

08. What’s your favorite occasion to dress up for? 

I have to go with weddings! My overall style is much more casual now. I still like to dress up with a nice suit though, and weddings allow me to do that.

09. What’s a fashion mistake every man makes?

People think that simply wearing big brands will instantly elevate their style. They only pay attention to the brand and forget everything else: the fit, the design, versatility, how they feel wearing an item, etc. A lot of factors come into play and relying solely on a brand’s name doesn’t automatically make you stylish.

10. What’s a funny style story you have? 

When I bought my first blazer, I did not remove the stitching at the vents. I thought it was part of the styling! I only used it once (I think haha) in public before I realized my mistake.

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